The frantic busy-ness of providing unique hair accessories for Summer weddings and balls seems to have melded seamlessly into Christmas preparations and Autumn/Winter festivities this year!    

Although I am delighted with so many lovely requests for my sculpted leather creations, the past few weeks have actually been quite hard.  For, amidst it all, I’ve been quite poorly again, battling daily with raging tiredness and persistent pain.  I know that it will pass, but I am so very grateful to my wonderful, supportive family who always seem to carry me though such times.

Since this post, I have been promising you photographs of my new jewellery designs.  I haven’t forgotten!   Sculpted-leather compliments the rustic, organic qualities of beaten copper and intricate wire-work so beautifully.  I particularly like the deeply rich glowing patinas that can be created, giving that aged and ‘naturalistic’ quality that is so characteristic of my work.  However, due to the busy-ness of the past few months, there has been little opportunity to begin creating them until recently.  I now have some gorgeous spiralling copper scarf/shawl pins, ready to be ‘cured’, plus I have sculpted some curling leather leaves for pendants and flowers for necklaces to match my burnished bronze/pearl ranges.    As it is not wise for me to be using chemicals at the moment, the partially assembled pieces are waiting for me to feel stronger again so that I can then complete them. I do hope it won’t be much longer – the scarf/shawl pins are perfect for this time of year as we snuggle ourselves up in knitted and woven woollens in an attempt to shield ourselves from the cold.

The new artisan jewellery designs will mainly be listed on my webshop, rather than on NOTHS.  Some of the pieces are very intricate and therefore time-consuming to create,  so realistically I cannot produce large quantities of them!  I also much prefer creating OOAK pieces anyway or I get easily bored!

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support.

Sparkling blessings to you!

4 thoughts on “Update!

    • Aww thank you so much, Liz, for your kind words. I know you too face similar ‘struggles’ daily, yet keep so very positive…. such an inspiration! huge hugs and lots of love xxx

  1. Dear Jo, I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling so poorly – have thought of you often. I think it has just been ‘one of those years’. I’m very grateful I’m feeling so much better and determined to keep up with my blogging friends! Am just updating/revamping my blog and Tanglefrost is included on my list of very special places.

    Hugs and blessings to you

    • Once again, thank you so much for your warm, encouragements, Jules. Yes, it has been an exceedingly tough year health-wise for both of us it seems…. but exciting opportunities have emerged for us too none-the-less. Do hope you are now in less pain and more confident in managing things now. How is the studying going too?
      Thank you for including Tanglefrost on your list…. I enjoy visiting your special space too!!
      Hugs and sparkling blessings back!
      Jo xxx

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