Potential New Line

I am so excited to share with you some leather and beaded jewelry designs I have been working on for a commission: 2 necklaces and a bracelet. 

I simply adore the vintage styling and intricacy of the pieces, which meld so well with our curling Tanglefrost blooms.  The potential of earrings and pendants would not be out of the question either!

I love receiving commissions.  It is always such a privilege working closely with clients in creating unique wearable-art for a particular occasion or person.  As an artist,  who is passionate about exploring fresh possibilities, it can be frustrating at times simply reproducing ‘listed’ designs in my NOTHS shop!  So I really relish opportunities to develop something totally new or to create ‘one off’ pieces.

Not surprisingly perhaps my thoughts have been rich with ideas these past few days.  Although I am also acutely aware that such designs may not appeal to the more ‘conservative’ tastes of the typical UK customer.  Certainly the ‘market’ seems inundated with simple, stylish silver creations right now… somewhat different to my potentially quirky and characterful hand-crafted pieces.

In many ways, given the wealth of hugely talented jewelry artists out there, I have always been reluctant to explore this arena myself.  But perhaps I should reconsider.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Potential New Line

    • Aww thank you so very much, dear Faerie Moon. I appreciate and value your feedback enormously on this issue, as one of those ‘hugely talented jewelry artists’ yourself! I totally agree, simple is definitely better. Yet I am acutely aware that many of the designs available on such sites as NOTHS favour very simple silver pendants on plain chains! Somewhat different to the intricate beaded and leather pieces I’d love to create. Ho hum…. just thoughts.

  1. You should absolutely create some Jo. I have never seen anyone create such beautiful pieces using leather, and I think there would be a lot of interest in such unique jewelry, especially amongst lovers of vintage. x

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