Celtic Orchid Brooch

What is it about chilly winter weather that sees us diving for our most favourite snuggly comforters:  treasured hand-knitted scarves and sumptuous woven shawls? Nothing is more delightful than the soft texture and mellow colours of natural wool against our skin as we brave the assaults of biting wind and cold or else curl ourselves up before a roaring fire, hugging a steaming hot chocolate or two, dreaming of warmer days and summer sunshine.

As such, I couldn’t resist designing the perfect accessory to those woollen swathes of loveliness:  these celtic-inspired brooches.

I adore the soft mellow shades of the sculpted leather orchids, with their tangle of burnished stamens, and the coppers stems that coil around a chunky pin.  The design is so organic, rustic and seemingly time-worn with age.

The pin itself is quite chunky so favours fabrics that have a more ‘open’ weave.

They would look stunning adorning scarves or shawls in a complimentary shade and so would make the perfect gift for those passionate about hand-crafted natural fabrics and fibres: hand-knitters, weavers and felt artists of all kinds.

The celtic-inspired scroll work heralds my new range of jewellery designs which will be launched in the New Year.  The designs will be much finer than these and more detailed, but I’m sure you will agree how wonderfully the copper marries with the sculpted leather.

It is proving to be an extremely busy Christmas period at Tanglefrost.  The two lapel pin designs, here and here, have been flying off the shelves in great numbers, as gifts for treasured relatives, managers, bridegrooms/bestmen/ushers and wedding guests!  Not sure we ever appreciated how versatile these simple little brooches would prove to be!

For now, this is sent with much love to you and your dear ones.

Here’s to new possibilities!

Jo xxx

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