Here, in this special on-line space, I seek to share my life as an authentic professional artist. 

It is both a joy and enormous privilege to be able to focus so much of my time now in expressing the transformational qualities of love through my creative work.  So I hope what is recorded here is both encouraging and inspiring to all those who visit.

Although this space will become an on-going record of my journey with Tanglefrost, I appreciate that it will appeal to customers, friends, other creative souls and those embarking on their own adventures as artisans, small biz owners and entrepreneurs.  So my postings will focus on specific areas of interest:

  • Leather will feature my latest creations, including items for sale, and often the inspiration behind them
  • Studio will explore the ‘practicalities’ of developing a creative biz in the UK.  I don’t regard myself as an ‘expert’ by any stretch nor believe that what works for me will necessarily prove useful to others.  But, as I so enjoy reading about the daily lives of artistic folk, this series of post will provide an opportunity to share and discuss some of the issues we face.  If there are any particular topics you’d like us to cover, then please let me know.
  • Love Notes will document messages of hope whispered to a precious creative soul.   They are words I often need to return to and perhaps they will prove to be an encouragement to other ‘travellers’ also.
  • Sketchbook is a broad title to define my creative design process.  Although I will seek to share the preliminary drawings of my designs, more often ideas ‘evolve’ through the creative particularly when working on commission pieces.  In addition, check out my Pinterest page which documents much that inspires my work.

Thank you for journeying with me through this World of Possibility.


Jo xxx