Cherish every tiny step of the journey into all you were created to be, dear one…. however small they seem.

By only acknowledging the ‘big’ moments, (surviving those lengthy valley or ‘desert’ experiences, negotiating steep climbs and delighting in spectacular ‘views’,) prevents you from truly appreciating the conscientious daily persistence, determination and ordinary courage required to actually achieve them.  Especially when so much of the journey involves the mundane realities of simply ‘showing up’!! Those ‘heady’ celebrations don’t feature ALL the time anyway!  The very fact that every single day and every single step you keep going, keep pushing, keep trying, is incredible and truly amazing… such consistent dedication needs to be cherished and celebrated too.  Much of it may seem boring, mundane and unexciting… not worthy of a ‘facebook status update’!!… but that needn’t mean that they are not important nor precious.  Just as you delight in the tiniest details of your creations, knowing that their presence enriches each piece and enables it to transcend expectation, so you should relish the intricacies of your creative adventures with me too.

Be active in looking for the unexpected beauty and wonder in even the smallest of activities and experiences, particularly that which may go unnoticed otherwise.  No one else may see them…. but you can!  So take a moment to give thanks and acknowledge their presence…. enjoy!  Catch me smiling at you, encouraging you, holding you, supporting you, even carrying you sometimes!

There is no need to hurry. my love.  All that is meant to be will happen in due time… when you are ready.  There is no rush.  Endeavouring to run on ahead, in order to reach the destination quicker, may not in fact mean that it gets any closer!!  More often than not, there are important aspects along the way that you will need to discover first before you are ready.

This journey is such a special one.  I have meticulously planned it out.  There are so many things I want to show you along the way… so much I ache to share with you.  Yes, there will be times when it will be hard, painful, scary, even boring at times.  But through them all I will still be with you, being all that you need and more besides!  I promise that in the midst of ALL you will find  ME: sparkling moments of wonder, love and deep compassion shining out just for you: healing, encouragement, sustenance and strength; hidden fountains of crystal clear ‘water’ to bathe and refresh, to quench your thirst.  Take the time to acknowledge each and every one!  They are my special gifts of love for you: precious jewels to be collected and treasured along the way… constant reminders of all that I have promised and the many occasions that I have been faithful in my love for you.

Savour, treasure, acknowledge…. for you ARE loved!


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