IMG_3065 - CopyTake time to rest, my love.

Rest in the knowledge that you ARE enough… that you have access to a rich store of strength, compassion, grace, courage, patience and inspiration… everything you need, and more besides, to cope with a myriad of spiralling challenges.

Would I send you off on this great creative adventure if this were not so?

I have been preparing you, from the very beginning, for every moment that you face, every experience, all those skills you have accumulated over the years, all the gifts you have been given, all the folk who have come into your life… there was a reason for it all… each and every one. Preparation, training, honing and equipping for you to be the very person you were created to be from the dawn of time.

You are precious and deeply loved, dear one… did I not promise that all would be well?

Rest in me and my faithfulness, which is ALWAYS fresh, new and sparkling every morning.




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