Burnished Pins

How cute are these…. totally unique pins made from meticulously sculpted veg-tanned leather to match the Burnished Bronze Combs introduced to you here.

I adore this quirky but versatile design.  It would look wonderful adorning the lapel of a formal outfit but equally at home on a warm tweedy coat or pinned to a cosy hat or scarf.  Like the combs, this pin is available in three tawny, autumnal shades reminiscent of antique linen, ripening peaches and drying lavender sprigs.  However, other colour combinations are available on request, as I appreciate that these pins would  make a delightful present for a loved one or even a treat for yourself!

They are actually inspired by a pretty brooch that my Mum gifted to herself long before she was married.  I remember as a child being completely captivated by it but also being quite shocked too.  For, on touching the delicate blossom, I discovered that it was actually made from fine porcelain!  Apparently my Mum purchased a yellow rose for her mother at the same time but never knew what happened to it.  I’ve often looked for similar designs in antique shops and markets hoping to find other examples but so far have never seen any quite as fragile-looking or ethereal.  In many ways, I strive to achieve a similar ‘assumed’ delicacy in my own leather work.

I simply adore the warm, burnished shades of this range.  The colours seem to whisper to each other deep within my soul and my heart begins its own merry dance… silly I know!  But time and time again I instinctively return to these my very favourite combinations: rich burnished browns and creams, teal and purple-y blues, greens and rosy coppers.  The special paint I use seems to marry so well with the veg-tanned leather yielding the same mellow, muted effects as seen within nature… nothing harsh, just gentle tawny layers that blend together beautifully.

But here’s a thing: I’m being strongly encouraged right now to create very pale, pearl and sterling silver creations.  Don’t get me wrong I totally see the wisdom in this but (and it really is a huge BUT here!!) the ‘market’ seem inundated with such designs at the moment.  Yes, what I offer is my own unique ‘take’ on this but my heart is crying out for a change… for warmth and rich colour.  My dreams are filled with pictures of burnished copper spirals rippling with sumptuously swirling patinas, curling tawny leaves and tangled blossom in shades of deep moss-green and teal, rosy peach, blackberry and smokey grey.  What ‘voice’ do I listen to, I wonder?  Knowing me, it’ll be both…. busy busy busy!!!

What colours make your heart sing?


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