Burnished Bronze

These shimmering combs herald a new sculpted-leather range: “Burnished Bronze”. 

This range has been inspired by the gentle whispering hues of mellow autumn days tucked away in a flint cottage: the tawny leaves which we gathered on walks along twisting lanes, the faded charm of antique linen, ripening peaches in creamy earthenware bowls and sprigs of lavender strung from aged oak beams.

Many of my customers favour informal, intimate gatherings when their exchanging marital vows and this gorgeous design would be perfect for woodland weddings combined with sumptuous silk, dreamy chiffon and even antique lace.

Later this week I will be listing some matching lapel pins.  They are slightly larger that those already available here and here, and with three tiny flowers rather than one.  I made one for my dear Mother-in-Law’s 80th Birthday last month and realised how appealing they would be as presents particularly with Christmas drawing steadily nearer.

I am delighted to announce too that we will shortly be introducing a brand new ‘line’ of Tanglefrost products: artisan jewelry.  These will include pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches.  Some of the designs will compliment the hair accessories and pins already available, (given the increasing demand for ‘gifts’ for bridal attendants etc), while others will be totally unrelated OOAK pieces. ALL will feature sculpted leather blossom and leaves, coiling copper and sterling silver, plus a wide variety of pearls, stone and glass beads.  They will meld my passion for natural form and vintage design.

And, of course, the Burnished Bronze range will be the very first to include jewelry designs.  I am intending to begin work on them in the next few days and am soooo looking forward to sharing them with you.

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