Treasure your uniqueness

My dear creative soul,

Treasure your own unique creative beauty as something that is deeply precious and worthy of nurturing.

Remember that it was planted as a tiny ‘seed’ in your heart at the dawn of time and before the person you are now ever came to be.

Since then it has been watered from the depths of experience, scorched by the fiery flames of passion and fed by all of life’s adventures thus far: the people you have met, the books you have read, the places you have been, the vistas that have thrilled your soul, the tears you have shed, the songs you have sung, the laughter and the smiles that have danced upon your lips.  See how every single one of them, when stirred into the ‘mix’, has added a blend of richness, spice and quality that is totally unique.  Nothing has been wasted.  Each addition has equal  importance and significance but, in combination, their value to the world is beyond all imaginings.

But this has only been the beginning.  That precious creative beauty still requires diligent nurturing and tender care; it is yet a fragile thing, particularly as it starts to grow, evolve and develop, burying its roots deep and pushing tentative shoots up towards the light.

For this unique creative beauty is a gift to the world, to the people of this very time and place, not just for you.  If you keep it to yourself, locked away and hidden, it will be lost to those who long to be blessed by it.  It may to you seem like a small insignificant thing, yet you know how even the tiniest spark can ignite a roaring flame, the piping note of a single piccolo can add a depth of beauty to an orchestral refrain or tiny seed-beads lend a subtle elegant shimmer to a silken bridal gown.

Now is the time for you to sing out your own unique melody in this exquisite love song we are all singing together.  It is not your concern as to the actual tune, the exact notes to sing and how they will be strung together, only that you should open your mouth wide.

It is not your concern what the plant will be like that springs from the tiny seed planted in your heart, only that you allow the roots, shoots, stem, buds, leaves, flowers and fruit to develop just as they have been pre-programmed to do.

It is not your concern how to dance but simply to place your hand in that of the Beloved so that you can be lead into every step and leap and pirouette, so that you can be lifted and guided, perfectly aligned to the rippling melody around you.  It will be effortless and fluid as long as you don’t fight or pull away or, in your embarrassment, whisper a request to ‘sit this one out’! You only have to trust in the One who loves you so completely and who planted that unique creative beauty in your heart from the start.



3 thoughts on “Treasure your uniqueness

  1. Hi Jo,

    Our paths crossed last year during the OWOH event, and you left a lovely comment on my blog. It would be nice to welcome you back. Currently, I even have two open giveaways (details are on the left sidebar of my blog).

    Your leather blossoms are just lovely. At first glance I thought they were made from polymer clay! Amazing. 🙂 I see a lot of lovely fall projects in the future…

    Take good care and come over to my blog when time allows.

    Greetings from Germany,

    • Aww thank you so much for stopping by, Birgit, and for letting us know about your giveaways… so kind.
      Yes, I remember you and your beautiful site from those heady OWOH days… ah, what a wonderful whirlwind of gorgeousness those flying adventures were!

  2. This is so lovely. It is so important for everyone to realise that they are living in this world in a unique way, seeing the world in unique ways and that if they do not share their experiences, because they are unique, they will be lost for ever.

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