Hedgerow Wonders

I’ve always adored the tangled hedgerows that grow so exuberantly in the British countryside.  The very wet summer we have had this year has resulted in them being even more lush and dense than ever.

While growing up, we used to spend most summers camping and, much to my delight, there were always plenty of hedges to satisfy my fascination and intense curiosity:  from sketching wild flowers, birds and insects to leafing through pocket reference guides seeking to formally identify them all!  I loved watching playful tits and wrens playing hide-and-seek amongst the branches or foraging amongst the vegetation looking for nests and burrows.

Even now nothing is more perfect than a gentle stroll along the lanes and the bounteous joy of gathering elderberries and blackberries in lieu of jam and wine-making.

So perhaps it is not surprising that hedgerows should feature so heavily in my creative work.

Here is a very luscious selection inspired by the hawthorn hedges where I live.  Perhaps not in these delicious shades, but the lavishness of the display is alluded to none the less.

The floral wreath is probably the most time-consuming to create as it consists of a so many different sized leaves.  It has proved particularly popular for those attending faery fests or balls. It also suits the styling of a country-themed home hung on a wall or mirror.

The matching comb is perfect for bridesmaids or even for those guests at a wedding who are seeking an alternative to a hat or fascinator.  It is a perfect hair accessory for garden parties and balls too or simply for those occasions when dancing beneath the trees with flowers in your hair is the only solution!

Recently listed are these charming lapel pins too.  So versatile: they look just as gorgeous adorning a formal outfit as an informal one.  And, as Autumn already begins to nip our toes, what could be more lovely than a dainty sprig of floral whimsy pinned to a cosy jacket, jumper, scarf or hat.