Everlasting Joy

The fragile beauty of oriental blossom inspired these pretty leather creations: the contrast between the stark dark branches and the soft delicate petals.  I couldn’t resist taking photos of them down at our local church when the cherries were in bloom.

However, rather than these  trees, it was actually the Tom Cruz film “The Last Samurai” that first planted the idea in my head: the poignancy of the mighty War Lord,as he contemplated his own mortality and legacy, and the significance he placed on the cherries blooming in the gardens of the temple.  Truly beautiful!

I have always been totally captivated by the brief flowering period of trees, with blossom bursting forth often before even the leaves have begun to develop… just when the branches appear to be so very bare and barren, hope is born.

Yet the actual blossoming seems remarkably brief.  The papery petals are whipped away by spring winds all too quickly, scattering them round about, crushed and trampled and quickly forgotten.

There is time enough though for the bees to be busy: buzzing between each fragile flower, collecting nectar and spreading pollen as they go.  Then the ‘role’ of the flowers is complete and the scented blooms are no longer required.  There is new work to be done instead: creating fruit!

With this crown and comb design I have endeavoured to capture blossom that is much more lasting: to represent an everlasting joy that does not whither or fade… even in the midst of great storms and gales… a beauty that will truly last forever.  For that is the type of joy that can adorn our heads when we accept how deeply loved, precious and accepted we are.