World of Possibility

What does “A World of Possibility” mean to you?

I’ve often wondered.

It became a ‘tag’ line for Tanglefrost a while ago now but it still conjures up a ripple of excitement and opportunity deep within my soul.

For me it signifies how, even in the depth of confusion, anxiety and despair, hope can be realised… that nothing is ever beyond the powers of redemption, restoration, recreation and transformation… that out of even nothing something can be given life, meaning and value.. that anything and everything can be possible if only we can find the courage and determination to claim it for ourselves.

A blank piece of paper, a piece of fabric, a lump of clay, a bundle of fibres, a piece of leather…. a wild and precious beloved life!

Since becoming a leather artist, it always amazes me the responses I receive about my work.  So many simply cannot believe what can be achieved with, what is assumed to be ,such a practical and utilitarian material!  “How can it look so delicate and ethereal, so fragile-looking and dainty?” they ask.  But to me my little sculptures demonstrate what can be achieved when we move beyond ‘worldly’ expectations and into the compassionate realms of possibility and infinite opportunity.

I believe all of us are programmed to be creative and to express this in our own unique ways, as a means of bringing both joy and blessing to ourselves and others too.  Not just through artistic expression but in our workplaces, communities, families and numerous interactions with those we have the joy and privilege to meet.  What a ‘buzzing’ and empowering place to be!

What does “A World of Possibility” mean to you?

2 thoughts on “World of Possibility

  1. Hi Jo! Wonderful post. A world of possibilities brings hope for new beginnings and magic at trying new things. 🙂 It’s all about never giving up – even in trying times. At least to me. 🙂 I want to keep growing with my creations – and, for me too, it is still awe-inspiring when people really love what I’ve created! xoxo

    • Hey… thank you for your encouragements, Theresa. Yes, I find is sooo awe-inspiring when others actually like what I create too! Although most of the time I can’t believe it myself…. did I really create that?

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